5 Well Known Companies that have faced Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits

Unpaid overtime lawsuits are newsworthy to many people—especially those who are hourly workers and depend upon the extra income. Even well-known, beloved companies run into negative coverage when they don’t treat their workers fairly. Here are some of the five most well-known companies who have been caught up in unpaid overtime lawsuits.


  1. Chipotle

In September 2016, about 10,000 Chipotle workers accused the fast-Mexican food favorite of unfair pay practices. The claim the workers made was that the chain made them work extra hours off the clock, without appropriate pay. Chipotle denied any wrongdoing while employees maintained maltreatment.

2. Hertz

Hertz, a rental car company, has faced many complaints from employees regarding unfair pay. A case filed by Brianne Gale, a former manager at the car rental company, alleged off-the-clock work and threats of termination if she refused. A judge ordered Hertz and Gale to mediate the case before April 2017.

3. Macy’s

This retail giant has been hit with class action lawsuits regarding unfair overtime payment methods. The employees filed an unpaid wages class action lawsuit and claimed to have been forced to work overtime without payment.


Even the beloved coffee chain has been hit with lawsuits alleging unpaid overtime. Back in 2002 they paid around $18 million dollars to settle claims made by California employees who alleged they received no compensation for overtime work.


Back in 2010, Hooter’s waitresses filed wage and hour class action lawsuits against the chain alleging they were not awarded their share of tips, they worked long shifts sans breaks (which are legally required) among other grievances.
As you can see, even the most famous companies are not immune to unfair payment practices. If you feel like you are not being compensated in the manner you deserve, contact Jarvis & Garcia to get the legal protection and assistance you really do deserve