Top Mistakes Made After A Car Accident

There is nothing good about a car accident. They are dangerous, harmful, stressful, and oftentimes expensive. But no matter how much of an inconvenience they can be, you would be wrong to not fully cover your bases following even a minor car accident. Read on to see what kinds of mistakes you should avoid making after you are involved in a car accident.

The Mistake: Not Calling The Police

Even if you think it is just a fender bender, you would be wrong to fail to call the police after you are involved in a car accident. The thing a police can really help you with is the filing of a report. This report can help you in the future regarding your insurance because it is an objective report made by a third party, the police. If you secure a police report, you are ensuring that no false information is given and that such information cannot be wrongly used against you. Do not leave the scene of a car accident without first calling the police and filing an accident report with them.

The Mistake: Not Swapping Insurance Information

Perhaps your car doesn’t even have a scratch on it, and maybe you’re in a rush, but you should never leave the scene of a car accident without first exchanging information with the other drivers involved. If you fail to secure their insurance information and leave prematurely, you might really regret your actions later if a latent symptom or damage shows up. If this were to happen and you did not have the information from the other people involved in the accident, then you might not be able to collect any claims down the road if you or your car suffers from accident-inflicted damage. Snap a picture of their license plate, exchange numbers and secure the relevant insurance information. You will thank yourself later.

The Mistake: Not Seeking Medical Treatment In A Timely Manner

If you are involved in a car accident and feel perfectly fine, it is very possible your body is just in shock and is not capable of feeling the injuries you are actually suffering form as a result of the accident. This pain may show up just a few hours after the accident or even the next day. If your case goes to court, and you are seeking injury damages, you may not have a valid case if you failed to seek medical attention.

Do not brush it off and avoid going to the doctors after an accident. You need a doctor to properly assess you and make a record of your visit. This way, if the pain does eventually become prominent, you will be able to show how you did in fact seek medical treatment from a doctor, and they can corroborate your claim.


After doing all of these things, call Jarvis & Garcia, LLP and let us help you with a free consultation of your accident.