The Role of Social Media in Your Investigation

Social media can be a really good thing or it can also be a really bad thing, depending upon how you use it and the sort of content you post. But what role does it play during an investigation? Could social media help you in your investigation, or could social media end up hurting you in your investigation. Read on to find out.

Before your case or investigation even gets started, your social media habits and posts can already cause an impact.

Because your social platforms are methods of personal expression, your Facebook profile or Twitter feed can reveal a lot about you, your life and who you are as a person.

Think about this: if you were in a car accident and you were the party at fault, it could be no big deal and you would just have to deal with the consequences. But if you were posting on your social media feeds about texting while driving or other reckless behaviors with serious potential repercussions, your investigation could be negatively impacted because of the content you put online.

So what if your social media accounts are private and you can filter through whom you want to share information with? Even if you have your security settings and privacy settings set to private, there are ways the courts and officials can access your postings.

For example, social media sites do cooperate with the law in certain cases to reveal information from their users if the need presents itself.

If you are under criminal investigation, it is very likely the information you thought was set to private could be revealed.

In general, it is very important that you keep your social media presence purely positive. This is a good rule of thumb in dealing with job searches, online dating, and especially potential investigations. Content stays on the Internet forever, even when you press the delete button.

For these reasons it is imperative you think before you post. Pictures and words may very well come back to haunt you and inflict damage upon you at a later date. Post with caution and represent yourself in a respectable manner—your future self will definitely thank you.