Public transportation injuries can be compensated for—but you have to act fast


When you step foot on a subway, train, bus or other form of public transportation, you expect to remain safe and uninjured. You would never expect to suffer an injury while riding on public transportation of any kind—but what happens when the unthinkable happens? What can you do if you are hurt while on public transportation?

The nature and cause of the public transportation accident holds the most water in terms of your chances of securing compensation for injuries sustained while on public transportation.

For example, if a lawsuit is completely preventable, you may be entitled to compensation. This refers to absolutely avoidable accidents that occur due to gross negligence by the operator or driver.

While compensation is hard to secure and cases can be hard to win when it comes to cases involving city-owned buses and other forms of transportation, if you and your legal team can prove there was sufficient negligence, you have a good shot at being awarded the compensation you deserve.

The key word in this situation is negligence. Was the operator not doing their job and were they putting you and your fellow passengers in danger due to their disregard for safety?

Was your driver or operator talking on her or his cellphone? Were they texting or browsing social media on their smartphone? Were they under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

It is important you establish the answers to these questions, and perhaps other qualifying questions, in order to quickly establish that there was in fact negligence on behalf of the operator.

As always, if you suffer any sort of injury from an accident your very first step should be to obtain medical attention. Do not waste time trying to prove negligence if you are in immediate need of a doctor or other emergency medical attention.

Once you make sure you are taken care of you can move forward with proving negligence if you believe this to be the case. When it comes to pursuing such a case, you need to get a trustworthy legal team on your side.

Such a team can quickly, smoothly and efficiently maneuver through the complicated details and legal jargon associated with such a situation. This way, you can ensure you are doing everything in your power to get what you deserve.