Drivers May Not Have A FLSA Claim

American workers a guaranteed minimum wage compensation and overtime pay by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

So, while many workers can rest easy in their coverage, as it stands, drivers may not have an FLSA claim-but why?

According to the Motor Carrier Exemption, which falls under Section 204 of the Motor Carrier Act of 1935 someone who transports, drives, assists drivers and performs activities on a motor vehicle used on public highways in interstate commerce may be exempt from the coverage the FLSA offers.

There are exceptions, specifically if the operation or duties relate to a motor vehicle weighing 10,000 pounds or less, which means those workers may the ability to file a claim for overtime pay, which is categorized as working an excess of 40 hours in one workweek.

What does this mean to you?

If you are affected or feel as if you might fall under this category, you should seek more information, starting with seeking legal representation.

Such a situation can be confusing, tedious and very complicated, which is why securing the aide of knowledgeable and trusted lawyers is your best bet.

The team at Batrice Law Firm is highly reputable, and perhaps more importantly, well-seasoned and well-versed in handling tough or vague claim situations.

If you or someone you know is in need of clarification when it comes to a FLSA claim and if they qualify for one, contact Batrice Law Firm. Because the Secretary of Transportation is the body that establishes qualifications and maximum hours, it is smart to engage a legal team to help you maneuver through the process.

Claims can be confusing, frustrating, and over all, a time consuming process.

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